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My Platform

I ran to be your Region 3 Director on a simple platform of "no more surprises". Here is what I promised to do:

-Establish an e-mail list through a standard service and include all instructors and club officers in our region (yes, I will be spamming you);

-BEFORE each meeting, list members will get a preview of items on the agenda (there may be 'closed session' items on litigation or personnel issues that cannot be included);

-After the meeting I will place how I voted on a website set up for our region. What other Board members do is up to them; you will know how I voted.

-Any other USHPA member in our region can opt-in to the list (yes, you too can vote for more spam);

-If an item comes forward that was not provided to the Board in advance, I won't vote for it. If it wasn't important/critical enough to get the Board, it is not critical/important enough to get my vote;


To see what I have done, click on "How I Voted"